Eyewear for those who are quirky cool to those into extreme sports and everyone in between. There is a frame for every look and lifestyle. At Murata Eyecare, we make finding the perfect pair of eyeglass frames for your face shape, coloring, and lifestyle fun and simple. From the size of the frame and shape of your face to the right type of lens, there are a number of important items to consider. Indoors, outdoors, day or night, working hard or hardly working – your eyeglasses and lenses are custom-fit to meet your vision correction and lifestyle needs.

So, whether you’re getting your first pair of glasses or simply updating your prescription. Our eyecare team will help you customize your eyeglasses to your style, your life and how you live it. Take a look at the eyewear brands we carry to find a style that is right for you.

Regardless of your age or physical health getting an annual eye exam is important.