Oakley Prescription Sunglasses

Oakley Prescription Sunglasses

Oakley Prescription Sunglasses

One of life’s simple pleasures is being outside under the sun. But too much time in the sun without eye protection is dangerous. That’s because not only are the sun’s rays bad for our skin, they are just as bad for our eyes. From mountain biking to hiking on the Llajas Canyon Trails, a pair of Oakley prescription sunglasses is the perfect choice for those who wear glasses.

And an even better choice for those with an active lifestyle! That’s because they offer protection for your eyes and give you clear vision when it’s needed the most (to increase your performance). So, whether you are need to maximize your performance, or looking for a way to see clearly while relaxing at the beach, Oakley offers something for everyone.

Custom engineered for specific activities, OTD Sport Specific progressive lenses optimize performance in each zone of focus to give you the best possible vision for golf, cycling and fishing.

OTD Sport Specific Progressive Lenses

Whether you are biking down a muddy slope, or blazing down a path you made on your own, you’ll want the right prescription sunglasses to help you perform. Polarized lenses reduce glare and improve color contrast, to help your eyes see the trails even better. For the best performance try black, grey, or rose tinted lenses. Oakley prescription sunglasses are also great for those who love to sail or fish. With the right pair you’ll enjoy your time on the water more than ever. For the best experience try blue or brown tints to see water in true clarity.

 If you prefer to spend your time on the fairway or playing the field, you need the right prescription sunglasses lens to keep you in the zone. For increased contrast and to make colors pop, try black or grey tints. Progressive lenses help you focus on objects near and far, and each sport has its own unique requirements for the near, mid and far zones of focus. Custom engineered for specific activities, OTD Sport Specific progressive lenses optimize performance in each zone of focus to give you the best possible vision for golf, cycling and fishing.

Available in a wide selection of colors and options, Oakley True Digital™ Prescription Lenses optimize your vision.

Oakley True Digital II

Take the Limits Off Your Prescription with a pair of Oakley prescription sunglasses, True Digital Edge. The Edge program started in order to provide people with higher than average prescriptions the opportunity to wear the worlds best sports sunglasses. If you’ve been told your prescription is “out of range” for the sunglasses you want, check out OTD Edge™. This technology expands the prescription range for Oakley high-wrap sunglasses up to +4.00 to -6.00, so you can enjoy benefits you expect from Oakley sunglasses, like extended peripheral vision and improved side protection.

Oakley Prescription Sunglasses

Oakley HD Polarized Lenses

A headache from glare can ruin your day. Golfers have to deal with the performance-killing distraction of glare from water hazards, bunkers and flat areas. Fishing sessions can be futile when blinding rays bounce off water and hide the keepers. Driving in glare can be risky, and road cyclists know how glare can hide potholes and other dangers. Polarized lenses filter out most glare, but not all polarized lenses are made equally. The best polarized lens is just that – one lens. Oakley HDPolarized Technology eliminates the need for glues and films that distort your vision.

Prescription Sunglass Options at Murata Eyecare

To protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays, getting a pair of prescription sunglasses is important. At Murata Eyecare Optometry, we get to know your individual style and unique needs to develop a pair of sunglasses made just for you. Our eyecare team will help you customize your sunglasses to fit your lifestyle. If you have questions about our line of eyewear or need help booking an eye exam, call us at (805) 522-7007.