Luxury Eyewear

Luxury Eyewear

Luxury Eyewear

Dreamer, pragmatist, optimist, enthusiast, eclectic hybrid, or the trendy nerd, luxury eyewear will help you express your own personal style. Eyewear is a fashion statement, it changes your whole appearance, and it changes how the world perceives you. Eyewear is an accessory that can work miracles on your look. In fact, the right eyewear can either make or break an outfit. Your eyewear is a statement of style and a tool for sight. So, if original designs and standing apart from a more unified, trend-driven crowd is important to you, choosing the right eyewear is important. When ordinary just won’t do, State Optical luxury eyewear offers you something most frames won’t, genuinely authentic, appealing, inspiring, and original American Made luxury eyewear.

State Optical Co. proudly manufactured in Chicago, USA.

Luxury Eyewear

State Optical Co.

Your glasses say a lot, about who you are. Which is why how your frame is made is just as important as how it looks. State Optical, is a first of its kind American luxury eyewear brand. As such, they celebrate the fact that they make frames in their hometown of Chicago, handcrafted to be a genuine expression of one’s personal style. This luxury eyewear brand is unlike any other in that it is made up of an elite group of artisans with backgrounds so diverse, you have to explore their profiles for yourself.

The founders of State Optical know that ordinary will never do, which is why they created the brand. With each pair undergoing an arduous process of 75+ steps and hundreds of hours, these handcrafted frames are for those who celebrate their individual style. State Optical Co. is breaking the mold with every pattern. From the temple tip and butting to the facial wrap and custom hinges, State frames are a genuine expression of your distinct style and personality.

Collection Features

Over 50% of STATE’s production process is done by hand by passionate craftsmen, working in Chicago. Premium components add to STATE’s luxury look and feel. Here are a few of them:

  • BUTTING: A frame’s front and temples should match like perfect puzzle pieces; this fit is known as butting
  • ACETATE: The STATE palette of acetates is carefully selected to enhance each frame’s silhouette
  • LOCKING SCREWS: a nylon sleeve around the screw allows a locking effect preventing your temples from loosening over time
  • CRYSTALLINE NOSE PADS: Crystalline nose pads deliver comfort, fit, and durability
  • FACIAL WRAP: To fit well and allow you to see well, we take careful measurements to assure a proper facial wrap
  • BEVELING & SKYVING: along the front eye rim and temples give STATE frames the proper “hand” and fluidity
  • TEMPLE THICKNESS: The temple is thicker at the hinge for increased stability, it then subtly thins and gently hugs the head
  • CUSTOM HINGE: The 3-barrel design is sleek yet strong, preventing temple rocking

Eyewear from State are all handmade in its workshop in Chicago.

Luxury Eyewear – Available At Murata Eyecare

Every frame in at Murata Eyecare is the brainchild of passionate connoisseurs of style and function. For this reason, we personally select each collection. Contact us today at (805) 522-7007 to book an eye exam, or to learn more about our line of luxury eyewear.