Meet Our New Optometrist

Our New Optometrist

Whether you are looking for the best eyewear, or seeking the best eye care for your family, at Murata Eyecare we offer both. We are a true family practice who believes that patients are our family and we strive to enhance the daily lives of the individuals we serve. With the addition of our newest optometrist Dr. Karlyn Murata, we can continue to fulfill our mission: provide an exceptional, personalized experience to everyone. Which is why we are so excited to formally introduce her! Dr. Karlyn Murata who has for over a year now practiced part-time, is now full-time. With the transition to our new office we finally have the space and ability to open her schedule and properly introduce her. Join us as we welcome our new optometrist.

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Get To Know Dr. Karlyn Murata

I was born and raised in Camarillo with three brothers. Growing up I loved being around my family and relatives (150 relatives all living in Ventura County). Before optometry I was competitively involved with Irish dancing enabling me to travel across the country for competitions and even dance in Ireland!

After high school I moved to San Diego for college at SDSU and completed my B.S in Biology. After graduating from SDSU I moved to Chicago for optometry school at Illinois College of Optometry (I survived the winter!)

It's A Family Business!

What Inspired You to Become an Optometrist?

My dad, Dr. Murata! It’s a family business. I grew up around optometry, but it wasn’t until college where I took my first neurology class and became interested with the visual system. I volunteered at a vision therapy/rehabilitation center focused to improve vision through a variety of eye exercises. From there my interest in the profession grew and I began to look into practicing full scope optometry.

Do you Prefer to Wear Glasses or Contact?

Glasses! There are so many possibilities with glasses. I like how glasses can show a part of your personality and complement your style. I love cat eye glasses! Oliver Peoples Theodora is my favorite pair of glasses.

What is the Most Interesting Thing Happening in the Optometry World Right?

Johnson & Johnson just released a Transition contact lens that adapts to light and now is working on a contact lens that releases antihistamine medication for allergies!

What are three things you think differentiates Murata Eyecare?

  1. Our investment in advanced technology to detect early onset of disease and manage/monitor any pathology
  2. Our optical is constantly updating and improving to provide the best frame and lens selection for each individual need
  3. Professional/technical/personable staff who care about our patients like family

When you aren’t working, what do you like to spend your time doing?

  • Trying new restaurants, I’m a bit of a foodie! I like scoping new restaurants out on Yelp
  • Italian and mexican food are my favorites (pizza and tacos!)
  • Going to concerts, my favorite band right now is LANY
  • Traveling- Next destination BALI
Five Quick Facts:

    1. Random fact – Before college I used to Irish dance (11 years)
    2. Favorite city – Chicago, amazing food, city, parks, museums
    3. Tea or coffee – Coffeeeee 🙂 vanilla latte is my hot drink of choice
    4. One thing I can not take out of my diet – CHEESE. I love cheeessse!
    5. Favorite store to shop: Madewell
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