Contact Lens Discomfort

Contact Lens Discomfort

Contact Lens Discomfort

Do you experience dryness and discomfort when wearing contacts? Contact lens discomfort is one of the most common complaints for those who wear them. In fact, it’s so common that 10%–50% of wearers stop wearing them within three years of trying them for the first time (Markoulli & Kolanu, 2017). The problem with this, most of the time, the discomfort can be alleviated. In some cases, the discomfort occurs as a result of wearing them too long. And, in other cases, things like lens material, design and the fit could be what’s causing the discomfort. The point is, not to be discouraged. Although contact lens discomfort can occur, it is usually easily remedied with more comfortable contacts. With this in mind, we offer some insight on what causes contact lens discomfort.

What Causes Contact Lens Discomfort?

Contact lens discomfort occurs for a variety of reasons. However, it is not the same as contact lens-related dryness or contact lens dry eye, which are related but different. Both contact lens dry eye and contact lens-related dry eye refer to someone with a pre-existing condition (dry eyes) that may or may not worsen by lens wear. To help clarify things, there are two causes for contact lens discomfort, the contact lens itself or environmental factors. Below we offer some more insight.

Two Causes:

  1. Contact Lens:
    • Material e.g. lubricity water content
    • Design e.g. edge base curve (the lens design)
    • Fit & Wear e.g. lens interaction modality (daily wear vs. extended wear)
    • Lens Care e.g. solution, chemistry, care regimen
  1. Environment:
    • Patient Factors e.g. age, use of medications and tear film stability
    • External Environment e.g. air quality and humidity 

How to Make Contacts More Comfortable

  • Change contacts daily
  • Get a contact lens fit
  • Switch to a more comfortable contact lens like Dailies Total1 (more on this below)

The Most Comfortable Contact Lenses: DAILIES TOTAL1

The contact lens that feels like nothing. That’s because they feature water gradient technology, which increases the water content to almost 100% near the surface of the lens. This cushion of moisture give your eyes a feels-like-nothing’s-there comfort and overall healthier look. Even better, the SmarTears® Technology releases an ingredient found naturally in tears to stabilize your eye’s tear film. And, there is no need for cleaning solutions and a case. With these contacts, you’ll enjoy the convenience and health benefits of starting each day with fresh, clean contact lenses.

Why You’ll Like Them:

  • With Water Gradient Technology, only a cushion of moisture touches the eye making it the contact lens that feels like nothing
  • Exceptional comfort
  • A lens with nearly 100% water at the surface, where comfort matters most
  • SmartTears™ Technology releases an ingredient found in natural tears to help stabilize the tear film
  • A highly breathable lens for healthy eyes
  • Designed even for sensitive eyes
  • Start every day with fresh contact lenses
  • For those with nearsightedness (myopia) or farsightedness (hyperopia)
  • Also available in multifocal contact lenses to see clearly at all distances, near through far
  • 9 out of 10 wearers agreed DAILIES TOTAL1® contact lenses are so comfortable they sometimes forget they’re wearing them

Alcon DAILIES TOTAL1 Contact Lenses at Murata Eyecare

Whatever your vision challenge, it can most likely be met with an array of specialty contact lenses customized for your individual vision needs. Contact lenses will allow you to do all the things you love without the hassle of worrying about your glasses. Today there are more comfortable and healthy contact lens choices than ever before. If you wear contact lenses and struggle with dry eyes, ask your Murata Eyecare doctor about scleral lenses. Scleral contact lenses provide extra moisture for healthy eyes, as well as for patients with severe dry eyes. If you would like to book a contact lens exam or have more questions about how we can help alleviate your contact lens discomfort, contact our office at (805) 522-7007.


Markoulli, M., & Kolanu, S. (2017). Contact lens wear and dry eyes: challenges and solutions. Clinical Optometry, Volume 9, 41–48.

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